TShirt with Evil Eye

As we approach Mothers Day, it is time to think of a way to say thank you to our mothers for all they have given us. No gift can express our true appreciation and gratitude but putting thought into the gift is perhaps the least we can do. As part of the Evil Eye Shirts collection, www.jeyla.com offers a wide selection of gift ideas and none better than the pictured ” I love Mom” design. Available to be printed on a wide range of brand name clothing items from t-shirts to hooded sweatshirts, it promises to be the most unique gift you have ever bought her.

You can also check out www.jeylafashions.com for a great selection of other items with the same theme from sports items to designs that will bring a smile to their faces on this very important day.  There is no doubt that every single day is an opportunity to say thanks for all they have done but Mothers Day provides us with a great opportunity to show that we are thinking of them.

Mothers hold their children’s hands for a short while, but their hearts forever


Happy Mothers Day!!!

Got Evil Eye?

Evil Eye Shirt

Jeyla just released even more designs for their evil eye apparel collection adding unique designs for kids and adults. All designs are available as short or long sleeved shirts as well as sweatshirts and hooded sweatshirts. With the Xmas shopping season approaching a lot faster than some of us would like it to, this new line of apparel will definitely have its spot reserved underneath the tree.


Check out the full line of evil eye t-shirts !


An Evil Eye Shirt for the necklace

An Original Evil Eye Shirt design from JEYLA

We have always focused on trying to get jewelry to match our outfit based on the color scheme we want to get or just to complete the look overall. JEYLA adds a new twist to the equation when it comes to evil eye jewelry as now the site has a wide selection of evil eye apparel ranging from toddler bibs to adult sweatshirts.

Designs very from a simple but perfectly illustrated evil eye to more complex and elegant designs all of which are copyrighted by the website as they are all original creations. Pictured on this post is one of these designs that is extremely detailed to the tiny butterflies and vines. A truly gorgeous design is available in a variety of apparel through the website.

Checkout the website for other evil eye apparel and let us know which one your favorite is


Unique evil eye necklaces

Evil Eye Necklace @ JEYLA

Check out www.jeyla.com ‘s exclusive evil eye jewelry collection to see over 20 new designs of evil eye necklaces. From the use of different tones of chain to he variety of beads including semi-precious stones, the collection has it all. This truly unique selection of evil eye jewelry also has matching pieces of evil eye jewelry including evil eye bracelets and evil eye earrings.

Precious Evil Eye Necklaces !!

Evil Eye Necklace

Well…OK.. maybe they are semi-precious stones but the combination of these beads with various evil eye beads create priceless pieces nevertheless. JEYLA’s exclusive jewelry selection expands daily and as we reported about a few months ago, 2011 is probably the biggest year yet for the website. Launching over 50 designs which includes 15 new evil eye necklaces that are unique and stylish, as well as getting ready to introduce their new apparel website has all evil eye fashion lovers excited.

You will soon be able to see all these new additions on the website but for now we will tease you with one of these beautiful pieces. Make sure you stay tuned to see more of the images of the new collection in our gallery section.

Enamel Evil Eye Jewelry

Evil Eye Bracelet

The enamel evil eye jewelry collection has several evil eye rings as well as evil eye bracelets in a variety of designs as well as colors. The evil eye look is enhanced with the addition of bright colors and the addition of mini charms including precious stones. JEYLA Jewelry, the most popular evil eye website online, is in the process of expanding their selection through various items such as the enamel evil eye jewelry line.

Our last post talked about the large selection of exclusive evil eye jewelry being added to the site as we all get ready for the spring and summer where the evil eye jewelry accessories will play a big role on our fashion.  Stay tuned for more of these new designs as we follow the different trends in evil eye jewelry.

Jeyla Exclusive’s New Line


Jeyla Jewelry is proud to announce they will be launching their new line of exclusive evil eye jewelry pieces for 2011. Last year’s collection was enormously popular and has given way to an even larger collection for this year. One of the most popular lines of jewelry last year was the evil eye necklace collection. Due to it’s unexpected popularity, Jeyla has increased the number of pieces in the necklace category from three to fifteen. You will see many different designs that will have matching earrings and bracelets.

This years designs feature the evil eye beads in three different sizes, the 8mm, the 12mm and the 13 x 9mm. They have been paired with a wide range of beads including wood, semi – precious stones, and glass beads in all sorts of shapes and colors.

As with last years items all the pieces can be customized. Matching items can be made and sizes can be adjusted.  They expect to have the collection released by mid February.

Make your Evil Eye Necklace into a set

Evil Eye Jewelry with matching evil eye necklace

Evil Eye beads can be used to create a wide variety of evil eye jewelry and at times one creation can lead to another. A beautiful evil eye necklace can lead to an even more beautiful evil eye jewelry set

The pictured set is a perfect example of the chain reaction that can come with evil eye bead creativity. The evil eye bracelet as well as the earrings were designed and created for a customer who loved a necklace featured in JEYLA Jewelry @ www.jeyla.com and wished there was matching pieces to it. It is the season of wishes coming true and JEYLA delivers once again by creating a necklace and earring set to go with this necklace.

This not only makes a very happy customer but also creates yet another exclusive Jeyla evil eye jewelry piece for the followers of this evil eye website as well as several blogs they sponsor such as this one. Take a look at the website to get ideas of your own or have JEYLA Jewelry bring your ideas to life…

One Click Shopping @ JEYLA

Evil Eye Pendant

Sterling silver evil eye charms are one of the most popular gifts for the holiday season and the wide range of evil eye charms enables you to find one that is the perfect gift.

The heart shaped evil eye pendant seen on the picture is a simple but definitely elegant choice.  The perfect glass evil eye in the center makes this a beautiful piece. This evil eye pendant is also available with a clear blue evil eye bead in the center.

Check out JEYLA Jewelry’s enormous sterling silver evil eye pendant collection. The site also has very affordable sterling silver chains that match the charms and complete your gift of a beautiful evil eye necklace. You can even take advantage of their several gift wrapping options and complete your gift shopping in one click.

Evil Eye Jewelry Sets

Evil Eye Jewelry

A few weeks ago, we reported that the JEYLA Jewelry, the best evil eye jewelry store online in terms of selection as well as pricing, revealed their new website. From several new features to a more refined look, the reviews have been all positive so far.  It is hard to know if all praise is for web designer or the evil eye jewelry designer as the site also unveiled several new designs and styles.

The new JEYLA website now has a large selection of evil eye jewelry sets to choose from. The website’s new cystal evil eye jewelry items have created a huge buzz and are already dominating the best selling items list on the website. Check out these sets as they are the ideal solution to your Christmas shopping problems.

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